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Civil Engineering Design

  • Design of water supply, landfill facilities, and wastewater systems for several Honduran cities
  • Design of an industrial landfill cover and a municipal landfill

Water Resources

  • Water resources assessment (dams, pump stations, treatment, and storage) for several Honduran cities
  • Development of groundwater resources in southern and eastern Africa using radioisotope techniques

Design and Construction Management

  • Landfill upgrade at a DoD installation
  • Buildings/structures including an entomology (pesticide) management building and a physics laboratory

Environmental Services

  • Risk based corrective action assessments for several installations
  • Preliminary assessment/site investigation for one oil company and several DoD facilities
  • Environmental management planning for several DoD facilities
  • Spill prevention, control and countermeasures planning for a DoD installation
  • RCRA compliance plans and reporting for several DoD facilities
  • Natural and cultural resource planning for a 300-acre wetlands
  • Solid waste management planning for a landfill
  • Environmental assessments as per NEPA for DoD installations including Phase 1 Site Assessments and Environmental Baseline Surveys
  • Pollution prevention planning for a landfill and a DoD installation
  • Air, water, solid waste and RCRA permitting and compliance support for DoD and commercial clients

Air Compliance Services

  • Air emission inventories for one DoD installation with 180 sources
  • Air quality program management including a Title V Permit Application and a Risk Management Plan for a DoD installation

Data Management

  • Development of individualized and flexible compact disc and web-based data storage and access systems for several DoD facilities

Water and Wastewater

  • Technology selection for oil removal and wastewater treatment systems for two refineries
  • Process and detailed design of a 3,000-gpm activated carbon treatment system for well water in California
  • Operations troubleshooting of an existing dissolved air flotation system and upgrading the design for a return to refinery wastewater service
  • Operations auditing, benchmarking and optimization of treatment process operation for refineries, petrochemical and chemical plants
  • Operator training at a major coal-fired electric generating station
  • Permitting for numerous poultry production, refinery, petrochemical and commercial facilities

Innovative Technology Applications

  • Development of an Internet web page for DOE linking internal and external sources of information on coal combustion byproducts (CCBs). Research was also conducted on the reuse and disposal of CCBs from emerging technologies.
  • Monitoring of natural attenuation at spill sites and former landfills. Progress in natural attenuation at the spill sites became an element of the groundwater cleanup plan.
  • Regional Project Advisor for the IAEA groundwater resources project in southern and eastern Africa. Provided technical support for the use of radioactive isotopes to quantify yield from groundwater sources and to trace contaminant movement in groundwater.
  • Initial design and pilot plan for the application of carbon nanotube mesh for removal of Cryptosporidium, Giardia and other microbiological contaminants from potable water to meet LT2 rule compliance
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