PB&A, Inc. is an engineering and environmental services company performing work for DoD, US Army Corps of Engineers, AFCEC and industry.

Our staff is responsive, flexible, and ready to deliver the product, approach, or solution to meet our client's most pressing needs.
Our responsiveness is what sets us apart.

Engineering Services

Our engineering services include design of soil, water and groundwater remediation projects, landfills, site-work, water/wastewater projects and general construction oversight. We have completed successful projects from Central America to Africa.

Environmental Services

We offer a complete set of environmental services including environmental restoration, compliance and planning, permitting, military munitions response program support and groundwater resources. We've spent our careers simplifying the complexity of environmental regulations and developing close working relationships with regulatory agencies.

Advisory and Assistance Services

Our advisory and assistance services include quality assurance and oversight of Restoration, Compliance and Military Munitions Response Programs for DoD. We also provide IT support, staff augmentation, classified services, and paper to website records management systems.