PB&A, Inc. is an environmental services and engineering company. We perform work for federal agencies including EPA, DoD, US Army Corps of Engineers, and industry. We generally perform high level service for high level clients requiring advanced degreed technical support.

Our responsiveness and technical expertise sets us apart.

Environmental Services

We offer management and technical environmental services. We provide management and oversight of high level federal clients. We provide technical expertise for the review and evaluation of various types of data to assist federal clients in meeting its legislative mandates. Our technical staff are highly experienced toxicologists, biologists, chemists, and pathologists. We also offer environmental compliance program oversight and services. We've spent our careers simplifying the complexity of environmental regulations and developing close working relationships with regulatory agencies.

Engineering Services

Our engineering services include management and oversight of federal construction projects for the COE including water supply and wastewater distribution systems, landfills and recycling, site grading plans, pesticide storage/distribution facilities, hurricane relief work for debris removal and rebuilding. We perform engineering cost estimates to determine environmental liabilities for federal headquarters clients.

Advisory and Assistance Services

Our advisory and assistance services include oversight of federal HQ clients to gather data on all of their US installations to develop costs and schedules to complete for HTRW and MMRP cleanups at each location. Results are audited independently and by the customer before going to Congress for annual funding. We also place personnel on-site to work in federal facilities.